Saint-Louis de Vincennes (94)

The Church

This church was built in the years 1914-1927.

The organ

This organ was built in 2014 by Denis Lacorre, with the goal to create an neo-classical organ on which music can be played from all centuries.

Main builder History Latest restauration
2017 - Denis Lacorre    

III/38 - Mechanical traction, Barker machine, electrical traction (stops), computer

: Anne-Adeline Lamy and François Mazouër

Concerts: regularly
Masses with organ: saturday 6 PM sunday 11 AM

Specific links: site of the organ


Videos which demonstrate the diferent faces of this organ:
French classical music:
1. Plein-Jeu de Marchand (1er Livre) (Mazouer) (to be added later)
2. Basse de trompette de JF Dandrieu (Lamy)
3. Dialogue de JF Dandrieu (Lamy) (to be added later)
German classical music:
4. Georg Böhm: Vater unser (Mazouer)
5. J.S. Bach: Das alte Jahr vergangen ist BWV 614 (Lamy)
6. J.S. Bach: Fantasia g-moll BWV 542/2 (Lamy)
French music from the 19th and 20th century:
7. Gabriel Pierné: Prélude op 29 n1 (Lamy)
8. Jean ALain: Climat (Lamy)
9. Jean ALain: Ballade en mode phrygien (Lamy)
10. Olivier Messiaen: l'Apparition de l’Eglise Eternelle (Mazouer)