St. Eustache

The Church

The building of Saint-Eustache started in 1532 and ended in 1637. It is a masterpiece of late Gothic. architecture. A neoclassical facade was added on the western side in the mid-18th century.
The interior is in Gothic, Renaissance and classical styles.

The organ

The organ of St. Eustache was designed by Jean-Louis Coignet under the direction of Titular Organist Jean Guillou and built in 1989 by the Dutch firm Jan L. van den Heuvel, using the buffet of the former organ.
That instrument was originally constructed by Ducroquet (Charles Spackmann Barker and Charles Verschneider), following the destruction of the former organ built by Daublaine-Callinet by a fire in 1844.
It was rebuilt in 1879 by Joseph Merklin and renovated at the request of organist Joseph Bonnet during the 1920s and 1930s.
Repair works initiated in 1978 were disastrous and a complete organ rebuilt was necessary. Only the case with its display pipes and a few stops which were re-used, amongst them the Cor de Basset 8' made by the famous English organ builder Henry Willis for Joseph Bonnet - organist of Saint Eustache from 1906 to 1943.
During recent years several lightning strikes hit the church and organ causing damages to phone and computer electronics of both church and organ.
Therefore, in 2010 it was decided to modernize and expand the possibilities of the organ by replacing the electronics with a state-of-the-art bus-technology system.
The memory system of the combination action was updated to 20,000 combinations which can be written to a USB memory stick.
At the movable nave console additional couplers were installed (Grand-Choeur/Positif, Solo/Positif en Grand-Choeur/Récit).
Also several special melody couplers were added: Soprano Grand-Choeur/Pédale, Soprano Récit/Pédale en Basse Grand-Choeur/Pédale.
A programmable pedal divide enhances the solistic possibilities of the pedal. A MIDI recording and playback system was added.
The nave console received all its updates in the workshop of Van den Heuvel in Dordrecht (Netherlands). In addition, the organ received the usual cleaning and large maintenance service.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1989 - Van den Heuvel    

V/101 - Mechanical traction with Barker (tribune), electrical (mobile console)

Titulaires: Thomas Ospital & Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard

Audition: each Sunday, 5.30 PM
Masses with organ: Sunday 11 AM, 6 PM

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