Saint Louis-en-l'ile

The Church

The church was built from 1656 to 1726. Its Jesuit-style is a nice example of 17th-century French Baroque.

The organ

This organ was built in 2004-2005 by Bernard Aubertin. Its conception was based on the works of the German organ builder Zacharias Hildenbrandt, one of the favorites of Johann-Sebastian Bach.
Of the former organ of Mutin (1924, in a organcase of Merklin, 1888), only two statues were conserverved and placed on the top of the organcase.

Main builder History Latest restauration
2005 - Bernard Aubertin    

III/51 - Mechanical traction

: Benjamin Allard

Concerts: regularly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 sunday 11.00

Specific links: site of the organ

Vincent Rigot: prélude improvisé (1)

Vincent Rigot: prélude improvisé (2)

Vincent Rigot: Sortie improvisé

Vincent Rigot: Bach Nun freut euch BWV 734

Vincent Rigot: Bach Sinfonia BWV 29