Saint Louis-en-l'ile

The Church

The church was built from 1656 to 1726. Its Jesuit-style is a nice example of 17th-century French Baroque.

The organ

This organ was built in 20042005 by Bernard Aubertin. Its conception was based on the works of the German organ builder Zacharias Hildenbrandt, one of the favorites of Johann-Sebastian Bach.
Of the former organ of Mutin (1924, in a organcase of Merklin, 1888), only two statues were conserverved and placed on the top of the organcase.

Main builder History Latest restauration
2005 - Bernard Aubertin    

III/51 - Mechanical traction

: Vincent Rigot & Benjamin Allard

Concerts: regularly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 sunday 11.00

Specific links: site of the organ

Vincent Rigot: prélude improvisé (1)

Vincent Rigot: prélude improvisé (2)

Vincent Rigot: Sortie improvisé

Vincent Rigot: Bach Nun freut euch BWV 734

Vincent Rigot: Bach Sinfonia BWV 29