The Church

This church was built in a romano-byzantin style between 1863 and 1872.

The organ

This organ was built by Charels Spackman Barker in 1868, just after the organ of Saint Augustin, and it was the second organ in Paris with electrical traction. It was severly damaged during the Commune and reconstructed in 1891/1892 by Merklin (1892), who replaced the electrical system with his own Schmoele-Mol electro-pneumaticalsystem. Gutschenritter worked on the organ in 1917, 1918 and 1924 (three stops added). In 1935, Gutschenritter added four more stops and revised the mechanics and wind supply of the organ. In 1950-1951, Beuchet-debierre renovated the organ in a more neo-baroque direction and installed an electrical traction again. During the decennia which followed, several modifications were carried out, including a reharmonisation and addition of three stops by Jacques Picaud. The latest maintenance was carried out by Alain Léon.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1868 - Barker
1892 - Merklin
1917, 1918, 1924, 1935 - Gutschenritter
1951 - Beuchet-debierre
1961 - Jacques Picaud
1978 - François Sébire
2015 - Alain Léon
2015 - Alain Léon

III/43 - Electrical traction

Titulaire: Jacques Person
Famous organists in the past: Henri Mulet, Jean Langlais, Jean-Jacques Grunenwald

Concerts: seldomly
Masses with organ: saturday 6h30pm sunday 11h am

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