Notre Dame d'Auteuil

The Church

The Notre-Dame-d'Auteuil church was built ikn 1877-1892 in a Romanesque-Byzantine style by the architect Joseph-Émile Vaudremer.

The organ

The organ was built by Cavaillé-Coll in 1884-85, with two manuals (Grand-Orgue and Récit expressif), including 32 stops. In 1937 a Positif expressif was added by the Gloton- Debierre firm, without changing the voicing of the original Cavaillé-Coll stops. The organ was also electrified and a new console was installed. Gloton shifted the pedal chests to the lateral galleries, added a 32’ Soubasse and placed both Positif swellboxes into the space freed in the main case by the displacement of the Pedal division. On the GO, a Fourniture IV, Cymbale IV and a Flûte douce 4’ was added. On the Récit, a Nasard 2 2/3 and a Fourniture IV was added. On the pedal, also a Fourniture IV was added and the 32-16-8 Flûtes foundations were duplicated.
In 1962-8, Jacques Picaud and Jacques Barbéris, from Beuchet-Debierre organbuilding firm, carried out a cleaning and they replaced the 1937 Positif mutation stops by new ones of narrower scale and changed the mutation stops of the GO. They also added a Cornet on the GO.
In 1884, a restauration was carried out by Jacques Barbéris (cleaning, releathering of the bellows, revision of the stop action, the collection box, reservoirs, air leaks, general regulation of contacts, electros, key action, etc..).
In 2015-2017, the organ will be restaurated by Manufacture d'Orgues DLFO directed by Denis Lacorre.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1885 - Aristide Cavaillé-Coll 1912 - Mutin
1937 - Gloton-Debierre
1963 - Picaud & Barbéris
1984 - Jacques Barbéris
2017 - Denis Lacorre

III/53 - Traction électro-pneumatique (système Debierre)

Titulaire: Frédéric Blanc

Concerts: regularly
Masses with great organ: saturday 6h30 PM, sunday 09h30 AM, 11h AM, 6h30 PM

Frédéric Blanc: Improvisation I

Frédéric Blanc: Improvisation II

Frédéric Blanc: Improvisation III

Frédéric Blanc: Improvisation IV