The Church

Saint-Louis-d'Antin was originally built in 1780-1782 by order of King Louis XVI as the chapel of a Capuchin convent. After the revolution, it became a parish church in 1802.The other buildings of the convent became a school (lycée Condorcet).

The organ

The organ is built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1858 and one of the few organs of Cavaillé-Coll in Paris which has been preserved almost entirely in its original state, with only a replacement of the Flûte 4 by a Voix Céleste in 1874 and - during some cleaning works by Danion-Gonzalez in 1972 - of the Viole de Gambe of the GO by an Open Quinte.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1858 - Aristide Cavaillé-Coll 1972 - Danion-Gonzalez


II/26 - Mechanical traction with Barker machine

: David Noël-Hudson
Famous organists in the past: Clément Loret (1859-1902)

Concerts: seldomly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 sunday 10.30 h