Ste Clotilde

The Church

Ste Clotilde was built in 1846-1857 and is the first church in Paris built in a neo-gotic style.
The church was declared a minor basilica by Pope Leo XIII in 1896 on the 14th centenary of the baptism of Clovis.

The organ

The great organ of the Basilica Sainte Clotilde is one of the major works of the Cavaillé-Coll company. It was inaugurated in 1859 by the titulaire César Franck, but not completed until fall 1863. The organ has had a turbulent history. Various titulaires (Franck, Tournemire, Langlais and Taddei) have printed their stamp on the instrument via drastic restorations/extensions, with the result that the current instrument has moved far from the instrument that was made in 1859/1863 by Cavaillé-Coll. However, this does not say that this organ is not among the top of the Parisian organs.
The current organ is the result of four building periods (1859-1933-1962-2005), where the organ grew in size from 46 to 71 stops and was adapted substantially to the technical possibilities offered by that period in time. The most recent restauration and extension (from 60 to 71 stops, adding among others chamades and a contre-bombarde 32) by Bernard Dargassies (1999-2005) has re-established some of the former glory of this master-piece of Cavaillé-Coll.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1859 - Aristide Cavaillé-Coll 1930 - Beuchet-Debierre
1962 - Beuchet-Debierre
1983 - Barberis
2005 - Dargassies

2005 - Dargassies

III/71 - Electrical traction

Titulaire: Olivier Penin
Famous organists in the past: César Franck 1859-1890, Gabriel Pierné 1890-1898, Charles Tournemire 1898-1939, Joseph-Ermend Bonnal 1942-1944, Jean Langlais 1945-1987, Pierre Cogen and Jacques Taddei 1987-1993, Jacques Taddei 1993.

Concerts: each second saturday of the month at 5 PM (september-june)
Masses with organ: saturday 6.30 PM sunday 11 AM

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