Temple Pentemont

The Church

Former monastery of the Bernardines (1747). After the revolution, it was transformed into barracks. Now, it houses the Department of Veterans Affairs. In 1844, Victor Baltard isolated the chapel from the other buildings and the former choir of the Bernardines became the nave of a Protestant church.

The organ

The organ case is designed by Victor Baltard, situated above the pulpit, facing the faithful. The organ was built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1846 (21 stops). In 1928, a major intervention was carried out by Paul-Marie Koenig, followed in 1935 by works of Victor Gonzalez (he made among others a new windchest for the Swell). Between 1948 and 1966, Beuchet-Debierre made further modifications to realize a more neo-classical instrument. Further works were done by Bougarel in 1967 en Barberis in 1987.
In 2011-2014, the organ has been rebuilt with private funding by Yves Fossaert and Atelier Pellerin & Uys. All Cavaillé-Coll elements which were still present have been restored: the blower, the windchest of the Great and the Pedal and 60% of the pipes. The new organ has 35 stops and three key boards: a new second keyboard 'Grand-choeur' has been made housing the reeds of the former first keyboard. The third keyboard houses the Swell, which is completely reorganized. Finally, a Barker machine has been installed.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1846 - Aristide Cavaillé-Coll 1928 - Paul-Marie Koenig
1935 - Victor Gonzalez
1948-1966 - Beuchet-Debierre
1967 - Bougarel
1987 - Barberis
2014 - Yves Fossaert

III/35 - Mechanical traction; Barker machine (couplers)
Stoplist [184 KB]

Violette Ley - titulaire honoraire
Peter Vizard - titulaire
Isabelle Sebah - titulaire and coordinator
Benjamin Intartaglia - titulaire

: irregularly
Service with organ: sunday 10.30 AM

Isabelle Sebah: Fugue en Do mineur - Mendelssohn