Oratoire du Louvre

The Church

The Oratoire du Louvre was the royal chapel of the kings of France from 1623 onwards. It was an enlargement of a former private building which became a chapel in 1616. The last three bays of the nave and the facade were not completed until 1740.
In 1811, it was given to the Protestants by Napoleon. The Higher Rooms, the tribunes and the entrance tambour were built between 1820 and 1828 and the Gallery-terrace was built by Baltard (who was Protestant) during the construction of the rue de Rivoli in 1854.
Site of the church

The organ

The organ was built by the Gonzalez company in 1962. It was restored without modifications in 2014 by Bernard Dargassies.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1962 - Victor Gonzalez   2014 - Bernard Dargassies

III/67 - Electrical traction

Titulaires: David Cassan, Sarah Kim
Assistants: Alexandre Korovitch, Aurélien Peter

Concerts: occasionally
Service with organ: sunday 10.30

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