Église réformée des Batignolles

The Church

This church replaced a wooden chapel built in 1834. It was built in 1895-1898 by the architect Félix Paumier. The facade is neo-romanesque. In 1972, the church was horizontally split. The second floor became the church itself and on the first floor several rooms were created.

The organ

The organ of this church was built in 1898 by Joseph Merklin (buffet made by Felix Paumier). A restauration (respecting the original work of Merklin) was carried out by Muhleisen in 1995. In 2009, the two wind reservoirs were restorated. Thus this organ can be seen as a truly authentic example of the works of Merlin.
This organ was the last instrument made by Joseph Merklin before his retirement in 1890 and a show-case for his new system of pneumatic transmissions.

Église réformée des Batignolles

Main builder History Latest restauration
1898 - Joseph Merklin   1995 - Ets Muhleisen

II/15 - Pneumatic traction

Titulaire: Noël Hazebroucq

Concerts: seldomly
Services with organ: sunday 10.30

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