Joseph Merklin (1891-1905), born in Germany, where his father started a company of organ building. In 1843, he started a company in Brussels. In 1855, he purchased the House Ducrocquet (teh former Daubblaine-Callinet company) in Paris and became the great competitor of Cavaillé-Coll in France. In the same year, he presented a new organ at the world exhibition in Paris which was a great success and was bought for the Church Saint-Eugène-Sainte-Cécile in Paris (1856), his first instrument in France. In 1872 he moved to Lyon. In 1884 he introduced the electro-pneumatic system (type Schmoele-Mols), which allowed a large distance between the console and the organ itself.
In 1894, Joseph left the company in Lyon and continued his work in Paris together with his head of workshop Joseph Gutschenritter, under the name: "J. Merklin & Cie". He retired in 1898 and the firm was continued by Joseph Gutschenritter.

Église réformée des Batignolles (1898)

Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-La-Salle (1910)