The Church

Saint-Esprit was built between 1928 and 1935 by the architect Paul Tournon following a plan inspired by that of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. It was built of reinforced concrete with a facing of red bricks from Burgundy.Tournon said that the huge dome made light by the row of openings at its base, with the square nave that supported it, symbolized the union of the divine and the earth. The dome is 22 metres (72 ft) in diameter and its summit is 33 metres (108 ft) above ground level. Use of reinforced concrete for the vertical supports and the dome was a major technical feat at the time.

The organ

In 1933 the construction of two organs was planned by Albert Alain: a large organ located above the portal of the Church and a choir organ(the current organ) located above the West ambulatory. Due to lack of credits, only the small organ was built in 1934 by Gloton-Debierre. In 1968, Beuchet-Debierre moved the Plein jeu of the Récit to the GO and added a cymbal to the Récit.
In 1985, Jean-Marc Cicchero carried out major works, including a slight modification of sound plans, the replacement on the GO of the flûte harmonique by a Cornet III and the nazard (used again in the Cornet) by a Doublette 2’ and the addition of a Flûte 4 on the pedal.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1934 - Gloton-Debierre
1968 - Beuchet-debierre
1985 - Jean-Marc Cicchero

II/16 (15) - Electrical traction

Titulaire: Hampus Lindwall
Famous organists in the past: Jeanne Demessieux

Concerts: each Sunday at 6PM
Masses with organ: saturday 6hPM, sunday 9h30AM - 11AM - 7PM