Organ works of Michel Estellet-Brun

St Joseph des Nations

The Church

Saint Joseph was built in 1867-74 by Théodore Ballu (1817-1885), in a roman style. As a reminder to its location in a neighbourhood of populations of various nationalities, the Church took the name of St Joseph des Nations (St Joseph of the nations) in the 1980s.

The organ

The organ case was designed by Théodore Ballu, the architect of the church. The organ itself was built in 1874 by the brothers Stoltz (Édouard and Eugène). It has had a turbulenmt history [260 KB] with approx fifteen organbuilders working on it. The most important works included:
1904: Charles Mutin added a Quinte on the Swell
1935: Costa-Duval changed the harmonization
unknown date: works on the mechanical parts by Merklin
1963: Electrification by Gonzalez
1983: Comprehensive restoration by Dargassies
1987-1993: further works by Dargassies
1997: addition of a chimes and an interface MIDI by Dargassies
2004: again comprehensive works by Dargassies
2016: comprehensive maintenance works by Dargassies

Main builder History Latest restauration
1874 - Stoltz brothers
1965 - Danion-Gonzalez
1981-87-93-97-2004 - Bernard Dargassies
2004 - Bernard Dargassies

III/48 - Electrical traction

Titulaire: Frédéric Dupont
Titulaire emérite: Michel Estellet-Brun

Concerts: seldomly
Masses with organ: saturday 6h30 PM, sunday 09h30 AM, 11h00 AM

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About the organ
About Michel Estellet-Brun

Michel Estellet-Brun on the organ of St Joseph des Nations, Paris XI (2004)
during a concert given in the memory of Léonce de St.Martin, commemorating the 60th anniversary of his death, March, 23, 2014.

Michel Estellet-Brun Messe improvisée I Entrée

Michel Estellet-Brun Messe improvisée II Psaume

Estellet-Brun Messe improvisée III Offertoire

Michel Estellet-Brun Messe improvisée IV Communion

Michel Estellet-Brun Messe improvisée V Sortie

Pierre Pincemaille Prologue et NoŽl varié (2007)


Recorded improvisation by Michel Estellet-Brun on the organ of St Jospeh-des-Nations.
(recording: Marcel van den Tol)

I witnessed the eclipse in 1999 in Paris, at the top of the Tower St. Jacques, exceptional spectacle, the wind rises, the temperature drops suddenly, the colors of the sky and lighting of buildings, the entire environment changes suddenly through the color night blue, dark red, life in the streets slowed, human beings froze at the site, a spectacle of apocalypse!
Before diving into a disturbing night, a huge black circle takes the place of the sun who faints, anxiety is felt everywhere, and then, a few minutes later, a trickle of light appears, it is there that one takes consciousness of our fragility and this "Ariadne's thread" which allows the miracle of life.
A few days later, a friend with whom I visit the organ of St.Joseph, placed on the pupitre a panoramic photograph of the upsetting show of this Eclipse, it was, for me, an intense emotion, I'm 'gone' on this improvised work and creates this diptyque that ends with an explosion of life, as a resurrection.