Aubervilliers, Notre Dame des Vertus

The church

This church was built in the 15th century (the tower dates from 1541, the façade (Jesuit style) from 1628).

The organ

Notre Dame des Vertus houses one of the oldest organs of France. It was built in 1630-1635 by Pierre Le Pescheur or Valeran de Héman. It had 14 stops on the great (48 notes) and an Echo (32 notes). In 1657, Pierre Desenclos enlarged the Echo and added a pedal (29 notes).
At the beginning of the 19th century, the organ was restored and enlarged with a Positif (51 notes), probably by Dallery.
In the second half of the 19th century, the instrument underwent several interventions and upgrades, but most of the original pipes were preserved. Before and after the second world war, Louis-Eugène Rochesson performed a limited restoration.
In 1987, Robert Chauvin restored the organ to its former glory, helped by Louis Benoist and Pierre Sarelot. Three new cuneiform bellows have been installed on the left side of the buffet.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1635 - Pierre Le Pescheur or Valeran de Héman around 1800 - Dallery
1945 - Louis-Eugène Rochesson
1987 - Robert Chauvin, Louis Benoist and Pierre Sarelot

III/30 - Mechanical traction

Lucile Dollat, Anne-Isabelle de Parcevaux, Sarah Kim, Elise Leonard, Adriano Spampanato.

Concerts: never
Masses with organ: Sunday 09.30, 11 AM

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Jean-Adam Guilain: Suite du deuxième ton, played by Adriano Spampanato.
- prélude
- tierce en taille
- duo
- basse de trompette
- flûtes
- dialogue sur les grans jeux
- petit plein jeu