French classical style


Organs in the 'French classical' style* are rare in Paris. The revolution was like a tzunami: many, many monasteries and churches have been destroyed, including their works of art and including their organs too. So, only 21 organs survived, and only four of those have kept more of less their pre-revolutionary French-classical style. Possibly we can add the organ of St-Merry to this group, depending on the choices being made during a future restauration.
However, the best examples of an organ in French classical style in an excellent state can be found at this moment outside Paris, in de Chapelle Royale of the Royal Castle of Versailles and Aubervilliers, Notre Dame des Vertus.

Chapelle de l'hôpital de la Salpêtrière
Chapelle Royale Chateau de Versailles
Aubervilliers, Notre Dame des Vertus