The church

The Church of Saint Nicolas des Champs was part of the former Abbey of Saint Martin des Champs. It was built after 1420 and enlarged in 1541. The church in its present form was built in 1615. The tower and parts of the nave still dates from the 15th century, the top portion of the tower dates from the 17th. Restauration in the 19th century. It is the only church in Paris which still has its retable: a work of the master Simon Vouet created in 1629.

The organ

The organ was built by Francois-Henri Clicquot, using the case of the Great-Organ from 1633 (with parts from 1572) and extending this laterally. Saint Nicolas is residing on the centre turret of the GO surrounded by angels-musicians.
In 1930 a récit expresif was added. In 2008, some maintenance works were carried out which made the organ playable again. All wind-chests date from before the revolution (F.H. Clicquot, récit: L.A. Clicquot).
40 out of the 58 stops are old. Mechanical transmission with Barker at the GO.
This organ is probably the most authentic of all organs from before the revolution in Paris. Its pipework is in a relatively good condition, not cut and on its orginal place on the windchest. It´s worth a thorough restauration!

Main builder History Latest restauration
1777 Francois-Henri Clicquot 1572 - Jacques Pigache
1633 - Créspin Carlier
1732 - Louis-Alexandre Clicquot
1777 - Francois-Henri Clicquot
1854 - Ducroquet
1930 - Gonzalez
2003 - Mühleisen
2008- Denis Lacorre
No recent restauration!

V/58 - Mechanical traction

: Vincent Genvrin & François Ménissier
Famous organists in the past: Nicolas Gigault, Louis Braille and Michel Chapuis.

Concerts: irregularly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 sunday 11.00

AUDIO: [1.060 KB] Vincent Genvrin: Joseph Haydn (Hortus 057, 2008)

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