The Church

Saint-Laurent was founded in the 6th century as the chapel of an abbey. The present church dates to 1429, but was not completed until the 19th century. The nave and the choir date from the XV to the XVII centuries and are in the flamboyant gothic style, with additional classical elements. The portal of the main entry was reconstructed during the XIX century in a neogothic style (due to the construction of the boulevard de Magenta and the boulevard de Strasbourg). The tower dates to the previous church.

The organ

The organ is built by Francois and Hippolyte Du Castel (1682-1685). The positif could be made by Germain Pilon. This instrument had an unique pedal of 41 notes. In 1767, François-Henri Clicquot rebuilt the instrument. In 1864, after the restauration of the church, the organcase was replaced on a new gallery and Merklin completely rebuilt the organ. Jacquot-Lavergne modified and extended the instrument in 1942.
In 1993, a restauration was carried out by Jean Renaud to restore the concept of Merklin.
20 stops date from before the revolution.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1767 - Clicquot
1867 - Merklin-Schütze
1685 - Ducastel
1725 - Collard
1767 - Clicquot
1837 - Callinet
1844 - Suret
1867 - Merklin-Schütze
1899/1911 - Cavaillé-Coll/Mutin
1942 - Jacquot-Lavergne
1994 - Renaud
1994 - Renaud

III/40 - Mechanical traction

Titulaires: Béatrice Piertot and Ann Dominique Merlet
Famous organists in the past: Nicolas-Jean-Pierre Chauvet (1778-1804)

Concerts: occasionaly, see the blog of Saint-Laurent
Masses with organ: saturday 18h00; sunday 9h30, 11h00, 19h00

Specific links: blog of Saint-Laurent

CD Orchestral colors - organ with four hands and four feets - Béatrice Piertot and Yannick Merlin at the organ of S-Laurent, Paris. To be ordered by mail:

Ann Dominique Merlet: WIDOR - Andante sostenuto

Ann Dominique Merle: GUILMANT - A toi la gloire