Notre-dame de l'Assomption

The Church

This church is built in 1670-1676 by Charles Errard. It is now the home of the Polish Catholic church in Paris.

The organ

The organcase dates to 1770-1780 and is of unknown origin. It was either the positif of a 16 foot organ, or the case of a small organ of 8 foot. The instrumental part is built by Cavaillé-Coll in the end of the XIXth century. In 1970 Gonzalez changed this instrument and electrified it.

Main builder History Latest restauration
end XIXth - A Cavaille-Coll 1970 - Gonzalez
1981 - Sebire & Glandaz
1970 - Gonzalez

II/15 - Mechanical traction

: ?
Famous organists in the past: -

Concerts: never
Masses with organ: ?

AUDIO: not available

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