The Church

A chapel was built in 1230. The present church was built between 1656 and 1763. Tis clocktower is a remainder of an older building (1625). Due to the construction of the Boulevard Saint-Germain, the main entrance was moved and the absis was remodelled. The principal (neo-classical) facade was finished in 1937, the facade Rue des Bernardins with a beautiful wooden door, dates to 1669
Since 1977, it is 'occupied' by members of the Society of St. Pius X.

The organ

The organ of Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet came from the old parochial church of Saints-Innocents.It is built by François Thierry between 1723 and 1725 and was inaugurated by François Couperin. The transportation to Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet and subsequent restauration and extension was carried out by Clicquot from 1787 to 1790. In 1897, Merklin rebuilt the instrument and the old wooden tribune was replaced by a tribune of stone. The positif was repositioned above the GO as a récit.
In 1927, restauration, extension and et ré-harmonisation was done by P.-M. Koenig. In 1935, a new tribune was installed, the positif was moved to its former position and additional stops were added by Victor Gonzalez. A renovation was done in 1961 by Roethinger and Boisseau, including the electrification of the instrument. Jacques Barberis performed maintenance-works in 1987, including the placement of a chamade.
During 2007-2009 the organ was rebuilt by Michel Gaillard (from the firm Aubertin), adding a fourth manual, repositioning the organ-case (elevation of the GO) and console and redistributing stops over the manuals.
The windchests of the pedal are still from Clicquot, as are some (reed) stops.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1725 - F Thierry 1725 - F Thierry
1790 - FH Clicquot
1897 - Merklin
1927 - Koenig
1936 - Gonzalez
1961 - Roethinger/Boisseau
1987 - Barberis
2009 - Gaillard/Aubertin
2009 - Gaillard/Aubertin

III/47 - Mechanical traction

Titulaire: Marie-Agnès Grall-Menet
Famous organists in the past: Jean-Nicolas Geoffroy (1633–1694), Charles Tournemire.

Concerts: regularly
Masses with organ: saturday 6.30PM, sunday 10.30AM, 12.15AM, 6.30PM.