The Church

Saint-Philippe-du-Roule was built in 1774-1784 on the place of a former chapel. It was designed by Jean-Francois Chalgrin, with reference to ancient Roman basilicas. It was an example for many other churches (e.g. St-Pierre-du-Gross-Callou, Nrtre-Dame-de-Lorette,. Saint-Denis-du-Saint- Sacrement and Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle).
The church was extended by an ambulatory and some chapels, designed by Hippolyte Godde (1843-1847) et Baltard (1853).

The organ

The first organ was the former organ of the Jacobins' church of St. Honoré street (worked on in 1779 by Francois-Henry Clicquot), transported to St-Philippe-du-Roule by Somer, inaugurated in 1799. It was completely rebuilt by Joseph Merklin in 1861. Charles Mutin built a new instrument in 1903. Only the case of the Positif was preserved, but no pipes dated from before the revolution survived. Abbey renovated the organ in 1922. Renaud restaurated the organ in 1991, adding two stops.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1903 - Mutin
1922 - Abbey
1779 - FH Clicquot
1799 - Somer
1809 - Dallery
1834 - Abbey
1861 - Merklin
1903 - Cavailllé-Coll-Mutin
1922 - Abbey
1948 - Picaud
1991 - Renaud
1991 - Renaud

III/40 - Mechanical traction

: Valérie Aujard-Catot
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Masses with organ: saterday 18.30 h, sunday 11.00 h

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