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upcoming projects

Upcoming projects
- Conservatoire du XVIIème arrondissement by Pascal Quoirin (new organ)
- Notre-Dame d’Auteuil à Paris (Cavaillé-Coll, Gloton, 3 claviers, 53 jeux) by Denis Lacorre (restoration) (inauguration June 2018)
- restoration of the organ of the Chapelle des Spiritains (Paris V) par Alain LÉON.
- restoration of the Cavaillé-Cool-Gonzalez organ of Notre-Dame-de-l'assomption (Paris I) by Dargassies (back to Cavaillé-Coll)
- partial restoration of the organ of Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre
- restoration of the organ of the cathedral Saint-Louis-de-Versailles by Lacorre and Mülheisen (2018-2020).


January, 30
Marc Cadiot, organiste titulaire of the choir organ of Saint-Sulpice, will have two successors: Ronan Chouinard (*1988) for the Sunday-morning masses and Louis Jullien (*1998) for most other masses.

January, 12

The famous French organist Pierre Pincemaille died this morning. He was known in particular for his outstanding organ improvisations. He was born in Paris on December, 8, 1956 and graduated from the Paris Conservatory with five first prizes in harmony, counterpoint, fugue, organ and improvisation. His teachers were Henri Challan, Jean-Claude Raynaud, Marcel Bitsch and Rolande Falcinelli. He was ‘organiste titulaire’ of the magnificentCavaillé-Coll organ in Saint-Denis since 1987.


November, 24-27, Paris
Yearly meeting of 'Orgues en france'

November, 19
Inauguration of a new organ of Olivier Chevron in the Chapelle Notre-Dame du Saint-Sacrement (16th)

November, 12
Death of Michel Chapuis, former organist of St Germain l'Auxerrois (1951-54), St Nicolas des Champs (1954-72), Notre-Dame de Paris (orgue de choeur, 1954-1963), St Séverin (1964-2004) and Versailles Royal Chapel (1996-2010).

October, 24-28, Paris

September, 29
Saint-Justin de Levallois: inauguration of a new organ in romantic style, 3 manuals, 29 stops) by Thomas and Béthines-les-orgues

July, 8
Suzanne Chaisemartin, titulaire honoraire of Saint-Augustin, Paris, died at the age of 96 years.

July, 2
The new 'organistes titulaires' of the Gonzalez-organ of the Parisian Protestant church 'Oratoire du Louvre': David Cassan and Sara Kim.

May, 13
In auguration of a new organ of Saint-Louis de Vincennes (neo-classical style, 3 manuals, 29 stops), built by Denis Lacorre

February, 6
The organ of the Chapel of the Sorbonne University desperately needs restoration, it is silent for years and of great historical value: it is built by Louis-Paul Dallery (the last representative of the French classical organ building) in 1825, and one of the few newly built instruments in Paris in that period.

Pierre Bagieu is appointed organiste titulaire of Saint-Pierre de Montrouge.


Restauration of the organ of Temple de l'Étoile (Cavaillé-Coll-Mutin) Paris XVII by Pascal.
Comprehensive maintenance works on the organ of St Joseph-des-nations (Stolz, 1874) by Dargassies

November, 14
Nomination of Guillaume Nussbaum as 'organiste titulaire' of Saint-Séverin.

October, 7
Inauguration of the restored organ of Saint-André de l’Europe [1.090 KB] (Delmotte, 1871) Paris VIII

July, 20
The great French organist André Isoir passed away, the day of his 81 birthday.

Restauration of the organ of St Pierre de Montrouge (Barker, 1868; Mutin 1892) was completed

May, 7-9
Week-end of the inauguration of the organ of the House of Radio France (la maison de la radio)
The Day of the Organ 2016

March, 17
Born in 1990, the titulaire of the great organ of Saint-Eustache, Thomas Ospital, is selected to become the first organist of the new organ at the French radio-building (la Maison de la radio).

February, 6-7
Inauguration of the new organ of the Philharmonie de Paris
Thierry Escaich : l’expérience de l’orgue de salle
Concert of October, 28

January, 18, 2016
Vincent DUBOIS is the new co-titulaire of the great Organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris


December, 27
Jean Pierre Leguay played the great organ of Notre Dame de Paris for the last time and is entitled titulaire émérite after 30 year of duty. A hommage was given to him on January, 17, 2016 during the mass of 6.30 PM.

November 2015 - spring 2017
Restauration of the organ of Notre Dame d'Auteuil (Cavaillé-Coll-Beuchet) Paris XVI
Works will be carried out by Manufacture d'Orgues DLFO directed by Denis Lacorre.

December, 10-13
Presentation of the new organ of Radio-France

October, 28-29
Inauguration of the new organ of the Philharmonie de Paris

October, 2-11
Inauguration of the restored organ of Saint-Maurice de Bécon (Courbevoie)

June, 30 - July, 2
Masterclass Masters of Sainte Clotilde and their sources of inspiration
from Monday, July, 6 to Wednesday, July, 8, 2015, in French or/and in English by Olivier Penin (repertoire) and Nicolas Pichon (improvisation)

May, 17-21
Masterclass by Louis ROBILLIARD in Paris: The romantic and symphonic organ in Europe in the 19th and 20th century
Eglise Notre Dame d'Auteuil Information: 00 33 1 40 51 06 08 ou

April, 8-12
Organ Tour Paris 2015: organ viewings, recitals, introductions, small presentations, an accompanying organ course (optional) and an evening in Saint-Sulpice with Daniel Roth.
St. Clotilde, Saint-Sulpice, La Trinité, Versailles Dom, Temple de Bataignolles, St. Louis en l ´ile, St. Antoine, St. Esprit, Invalidendom, INJA – Institut des jeunes aveugles, Notre-Dame d´Auteuil.
Course César Franck wih Eric Lebrun (Organ) and with Kurt Lueders (Harmonium).

March, 24th
Thomas Ospital and Baptiste - Florian Marle-Ouvrard are appointed co-titulaires of the Grand-Orgue of Saint Eustache.
The recruitment competition was held on Tuesday, March 24, in the Saint-Eustache, with a large audience (the hearings were public). The jury proposed the appointment of Thomas OSPITAL and Baptiste - Florian MARLE-OUVRARD.
Thomas Ospital was born in 1990 in the Basque country and studied at the Conservatoire in Paris. He has already won many international prizes and was organist titulaire of the organ of the Church Saint-Vincent de Ciboure. He performs regularly in concerts throughout Europe.
Baptiste Florian Marle - Ouvrard was also educated at the Conservatoire in Paris where he received 8 awards. He received the 1st prize of improvisation of Luxembourg, Leipzig and the 2nd Prize ex-aequo in the contest of Chartres.
Watch one of the last improvisations of Jean Guillou (29 mars 2015, Sortie of the 6 PM mass)


Seven candidates may enter the competition for being co-titulair of the Saint-Eustache:
Pierre Cambourian (*1974) (Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Parisd)
Francesco Filidei (*1973) (Italy)
Ghislain Leroy (*1982) (Touquet, Lille)
Hampus Lindwall ( *1976) (Saint-Esprit)
Baptise-Florian Marle-Ouvrard (*1982) (Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Clichy-la-Garenne)
Thomas Ospital (*1990) (Ciboure)
Pierre Queval (*1988) (Saint-Ignace, Paris)
On March, 24th, there will be a public concert as a further step in the selection procedure.


November, 4
Denys MATHIEU CHIQUET, organist of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis du Marais and of Saint-Pierre de Chaillot died on the age of 59.
Audio:Improvisation Concert August, 15, 2006 St Paul St Louis (source: Orgues Nouvelles) [5.292 KB]

October, 7
Inauguration of the restorated organ of L'Oratoire-du-Louvre (Gonzalez-Dargassies)

Saint-Eustache will organize a competition for the recruitment of three titular-organists as successors of Jean Guillou, who retired recently and is named now Tilulaire Emérite.
The parish is looking for three organists of an international standing to replace him. Candidates can register up to 2 January 2015, after which the jury will speak with the candidates to select those who may enter the competition. The requirements will be published on November 2, 2014. The appointment of the three co-titulaires will take place in April, 2015.

Inauguration of the restored Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Eglise Réformée du Temple de Pentemont. [184 KB]
September, 26, 8h30 PM Liesbeth Schlumberger
October, 03, 8h30 PM Eric Lebrun
October, 10, 8h30 PM Philippe Lefebvre

September, 22
Jean Guillou, the Organiste Titulaire of the Great Organ of St. Eustache since 1963 (as the successor of André Marchal), is retired and is now named Titulaire émérite.

September, 20-21
Inauguration of the restored organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris
September, 20, 8h30 PM Concert by the Organistes Titulaires of the Great Organ
September, 21, 4h00 PM Presentation of the organ with the organ builders and the Organistes Titulaires of the Great Organ

September, 20-21
Organ marathon: a tour to eight organs in the I-III-IV arondissements (free)

August, 29
The Parisian organist Marie-Louise Girod died on Friday 29 August at the age of 98. Girod was organiste titulaire of l'Oratoire du Louvre until old age. Marie-Louise Girod was born in Paris in 1915. She studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Marcel Dupré, Norbert Dufourcq and Noël Gallen. She obtained first prizes in organ, improvisation, music history, fugue and counterpoint. In 1941 she was appointed organiste titulaire of the Oratoire du Louvre, a Protestant Church near the Louvre museum. In 2008 she was succeeded by Jean-Dominique Pasquet. She was director of the Académie d'orgue of Saint-Dié. Marie-Louise Girod played an important role in the Protestant Church Music in France and was as a member of the Committee for hymnology of the joint Protestant church in France. Girod was also active as a composer. In addition to a number of free works for organ, she wrote works on hymns (among others on melodies from the Genevan psalter), including a Suite sur le Psaume 23, written on the occasion of the opening of 'her' Gonzalez-organ in the Oratoire in 1962.

Summer 2014
St. Sulpice: it is no longer allowed to visit the organ loft after the sunday-audition, due to 'security'-reasons. This ends a long tradition of hospitality by the 'organiste-titulaires' of St. Sulpice :(

August, 14-15/September, 20-21
The refurbished organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris will be used again from August 14-15th onwards.
The inauguration will be on September, 20th, 8h30 PM (concert with the 3 titulars).
A presentation of the organ by the organ builders and titulars will be on September, 21th, 4 PM.
This will be followed by five concerts by the five organists of NDP.

May ,19th
International Schweitzer Award for Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth, orgaiste titulaire of the St. Sulpice, has been given the international Albert Schweitzer Award Daniël Roth in the German town Königsfeld. He got the prize because his achievements as musician have been so much in line with the spirit of the ideas of Albert Schweitzer.

May, 11th
The organ Marathon: a tour to four organs in the XVIII arondissement (free)

April 2014
Start of a new series of auditions on the organ of St-Séverin on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month at 17h30 by students of the Conservatoires in Paris (CRR/CNSM)

April, 23-27
Organ Trip Paris
12 organ viewings, recitals, presentations and little lectures plus the option of a parallel organ course with Jean-Pierre Leguay.

January 1st - till August 15th, 2014
The great organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris is out of service again due to the second phase of the major restoration works. In the first phase (2012) a new digital system was installed. In the second phase (first half of 2014), the organ will be enlarged and all mechanical parts will be restorated.


November 7-10
Presentation of the new organ for Radio France, Paris (86/ IV) built by Gerhard Grenzing at his workshop in El Papiol (Barcelona).
This organ will be ready in spring 2014 and will serve a diverse, living and innovative musical use in the programme pallet of Radio France in Paris and on the radio for the whole of France. The organ as an integrating component of a great holistic concept embracing architecture, acoustics and technology. 4 years of pooling opinion and experience by engineers, heads of broadcasting, musicians and organ experts Bernard Foccroulle, Michel Bouvard, Thierry Escaich, Francois Espinasse, Jean-Pierre Leguay and Olivier Latry. With 86 stops on four manuals, the majority of the organ is built in in individual swell organs with huge dynamics and countless possibilities for „Intercommunication“ using state-of-the-art electronics. Die Great Organ mixtures are not bundled but individually available as pure octave or fifth mixture, the „Choeur de cordes“,a sensitive suspended action for the attached console, a flexible touch dynamic (method and range a first in Europe) on the free-standing, mobile console. (Info from Michael Grüber,

November 1-3
Symposium for organ builders Paris
Cavaillé-Coll and examples of alsatian organ reform in Paris

October 12
Start of a new tradition of 'auditions d'orgue' at the great Cavaillé-Coll organ of Ste.Clotilde, each second Saturday of the month (October-June) at 5 PM.

September 28
Release of the first CD of the great Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Basilica Ste. Clotilde after the major restoration works of Dargassies in 2005. On September 28, 2013, 20h30, Olivier Penin, the organist titulaire of the basilica Ste.Clotilde in Paris, will present this new CD, a tribute to his famous predecessors, with works of Cesar Franck, Charles Tournemire and Jean Langlais.

September 15
New schedule auditions St. Sulpice
From 15 September onwards, the Sunday Mass at St. Sulpice will be conducted at 11 AM (Organ Prelude at 10:45 AM). The weekly organ recital on the Grand Organ will follow the mass at around noon. Visits to the organ loft after the recital will take place in groups of 15 persons until 1PM.

September, 14, 15
Organ marathon
5 organs will be visited and demonstrated on saturday and four on sunday.

June, 4
France suffers from organ failure
Article published in Guardian Weekly, based onan article in Le Monde.

June, 1
Jean Costa (born in 1924) died. He studied with Édouard Commette, Maurice Duruflé and Marcel Dupré. e was some time suppléant of Marcel Dupré at Saint-Sulpice and organiste titulaire at the Cavaillé-Coll organ of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul from 1952 till 1997. He was organ professor at the Conservatoire of Nantes from 1953 till 1970 and from 1971 till 1992 at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud of Aix-en-Provence. He was a famous international concert-organist and made numerous recordings.

May, 5-6
NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS: organ music from 8h30 PM till 1h AM!! [395 KB]

May, 5th
The third organ marathon

April, 12-13
Organ concours Merklin
Organ competition Improvisations

April, 3-7
Organ Trip Paris
Albert Schweitzer - Bach - Widor
12 organ viewings, recitals, a parallel organ organ course (optional) with Christophe Mantoux in St. Severin and in the Conservatoire Rue de Madrid plus small, daily, theme-oriented spontaneous talks/demonstrations.

March, 23rd
After their benediction the 2nd of february by cardinal André VINGT-TROIS, and their installation in the towers, the eight new bells and the bourdon Marie of Notre-Dame de Paris have ring for the first time saturday 23rd of march at 5 PM. This event was presided by archbishop André VINGT-TROIS, in the presence of Minister of Culture Aurélie FILIPETTI, Mayor of Paris Bertrand DELANOE, and the nonce of France Luigi VENTURA.

February 26, 2013
Marie-Claire Alain died at the age of 86. She was probably the most famous French organist in the world, given concerts all over the world, with over 260 recordings in her catalogue.
She was born on August, 10th, 1926 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Her father, Albert Alain (1880–1971) was an organist and composer, as were her brothers, Jehan (1911–1940) and Olivier (1918–1994). Alain studied in the Paris Conservatory, in the organ class of Marcel Dupré, where she was awarded four first prizes. She also studied with Maurice Duruflé and Gaston Litaize.
She teached at the Conservatoire National de Région de Rueil-Malmaison and gave numerous master-classes around the world.
She was a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music, a Doctor Honoris Causa of Colorado State University and Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas), a Commander of the Legion d'Honneur and of the Ordre National du Mérite.
Among her pupils were George C. Baker, Guy Bovet, James David Christie, Daniel Roth, Wolfgang Rübsam and Thomas Trotter.

Jean-Pierre Leguay, organiste titulaire of the Great Organ of Notre-Dame de Paris, has been given a prestigious decoration: Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur.

January, 12th
Start of the organ auditions, now on Saturday-evening, 8 PM

DVD/CD The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll: the life and work of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (1811 – 1899). It includes a three-part, 156-minute documentary about Cavaillé-Coll’s life and work, demonstrations of fifteen organs and more than three hours of music (all recorded in full surround sound). Two CDs feature a survey of French organ music from 1830 to 1900. An 80-page booklet contains specifications and colour photos of all the organs, track details and an introductory essay. Watch trailer.


December, 12th
From Wednesday, December, 12th onwards (the day the Jubilee of this cathedral started with a special mass), the great organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris is back in service again. The works, which will be resumed in 2014 are carried out by two organ builders: Bertrand Cattiaux et Pascal Quoirin.

November, 25th
Maître Pierre Pincemaille celebrates being 25 years organiste-titulaire of St.Denis with a concert at St.Denis at 4.30 PM with the mass of Louis Vierne and other works.

October, 31th
70th Birthday of Maître Daniel Roth, the organiste-titulaire of St. Sulpice. He is retired from the Conservatoire since five years, but will continue with this prestigious job in this church.

Summer 2012
The choir organ of Ste.Madeleine (Cavaillé-Coll 1848/1897, Gonzalez 1976, Dargassies 1996) has been refurbished.

Septembre 15th-16th
A marathon along organs (free) in Paris
September, 15th
11h : église Saint-Sulpice (organiste Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer Choplin)
13h30 : Schola Cantorum (organiste Henri Paget)
14h30 : chapelle du Val-de-Grâce (organiste Yannick Merlin)
15h30 : église Saint-Etienne du Mont (organiste Vincent Warnier)
16h30 : église Saint-Séverin (organiste Christophe Mantoux)
September, 16th
13h30 : basilique Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours (organiste Dominique Pasquier)
15h : église Saint-Ambroise (organiste Julien Bret)
16h : église Sainte-Marguerite (organiste Marie-Christine Steinmetz)
17h : église Saint-Antoine des Quinze-Vingts (organiste Eric Lebrun)

August, 15th
Olivier Penin offcially inaugurated as organiste titulaire of the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ of Ste.Clotilde

July, 8th
Tweet Stéphane Béchy:
Eglise st Merry, paris 4ème....
Un pigeon défèque sur l'organiste ce dimanche matin...
Orgue historique en péril ! La HONTE !

June, 24th
Jacques Taddei (organiste titulaire of the Ste-Clotilde) died at the age of 66.

June, 4th
The Guardian: France suffers from organ failure

May, 19th-20th
A marathon along 10 organs (free) in Paris
May, 19th 2012 : a trip on the left bank
11h : église Saint-Germain-des-Prés (organiste Jean-Paul Serra)
12h10 : église des Billettes (organiste Charles Micheau)
14h: église Saint-Thomas d'Aquin (organiste Vincent Genvrin)
15h : basilique Sainte-Clotilde (organiste Olivier Pénin)
16h05 : église Saint-François Xavier (organiste Eric Leroy)
May, 20th 2012 : a trip on the right bank
14h : église Saint-Louis en l'Ile (organiste Vincent Rigot)
15h : église Saint-Gervais (organiste Aude Heurtematte)
16h05: église Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois (organiste Henri de Rohan Csermak)
17h10 : cathédrale Saint-Louis des Invalides (organiste Philippe Brandeis)

Dagassies completed comprehensive maintenance and restoration works od the organ of St Louis des Invalides.

April, 27th – April 29th
20e anniversaire de la mort d´Olivier Messiaen (La Trinité) – 150 anniversaire d´orgue Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (Saint-Sulpice)

April, Wed, 11th - Sun, 15th
Organ Tour Paris organized by Organ Promotion
Organ viewings, concerts, organ course with Daniel Roth in St. Sulpice.

January 1st - November 30th
From January 16th till November 30th 2012 the great organ of Notre-Dame-de-Paris will be out of service due to major restoration works. The work will be conducted in two phases in order to have the organ sound during the celebration of the 850th anniversary of the cathedral (december 2012 - november 2013).

2012 (january - november): replacement of the digital transmission (which dates from 1992) and adaptation of the new system to the historical mechanics ; general tuning.
2014: demantling of the instrument for a comprehensive restoration; replacement of various mechanics and old elements ; restoration of the pipes of the facade

The works are carried out by two organ builders: Bertrand Cattiaux et Pascal Quoirin.

Some plans mention that there may be some changes in stops added from 1960 onwards, the small pedal being extended till g3 to create an extra work to be coupled to one of the existing five manuals, but these works have to be confirmed.


November, 7th
Inauguration of the organ of Alfred Kern restored by Quentin Blumenroeder, with help of Dominique Thomas and Jean-Marie Tricoteaux.

Sainte Trinité
Loïc Mallié appointed titulaire (successor of Naji Hakim).


November, 5th
St Jean de Montmartre

Inauguration Organ Cavaillé-Coll restored by Yves Fossaert

October, 10th
Inauguration Organ Mutin restored by B. Dargassies.

l'Eglise Réformée de l'Etoile
Restauration of the pedal as the first part of a complete restauration of the organ by the organbuilder Antoine Pascal.