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Philippe Lefebvre
Sortie (evening mass 19.04.2009)
Prélude (evensong 01.05.2011)
Interlude I (evensong 01.05.2011)
Interlude II (evensong 01.05.2011)
Interlude III/IV (evensong 01.05.2011)
Sortie (evensong 01.05.2011)
Prélude (evening mass 01.05.2011)
Offertoire (evening mass 01.05.2011)
Communion (evening mass 01.05.2011)
Sortie (evening mass 01.05.2011)

Olivier Latry
Prélude (evensong 19.06.2016)
Interlude I (evensong 19.06.2016)
Interlude II (evensong 19.06.2016)
Interlude III/IV (evensong 19.06.2016)
Sortie (evensong 19.06.2016)
Prélude (evening mass 19.06.2016)
Communion (evening mass 19.06.2016)
Sortie (evening mass 19.06.2016)
La Marseillaise - French national anthem
(a tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015)
Interlude I (evensong 23.06.2013)
Interlude II (evensong 23.06.2013)
Prelude (evening mass 23.06.2013)
Offertoire (evening mass 23.06.2013)
Sortie (evening mass 23.06.2013)
Communion (evening mass 29.03.2008)
Offertoire (evening mass 29.03.2008)
Sortie (evening mass 29.03.2008)

Jean-Pierre Leguay
Presentation of the organ
Prélude (messe grégorienne 15.04.2007)

Johann Vexo
Prélude (evensong 07.04.2013)
Interlude I (evensong 07.04.2013)
Interlude II (evensong 07.04.2013)
Interlude III/IV (evensong 07.04.2013)
Sortie (evensong 07.04.2013)
Prélude (evening mass 07.04.2013)
Offertoire (evening mass 07.04.2013)
Sortie (evening mass 07.04.2013)
Carillon de Westminster
See also Johann Vexo playing the choir organ

Pierre Cochereau
A piece on the theme of Christmas (1959)
Toccata (TV-concert around 1980)

Yves Devernay
Prélude Midnight mass Christmas (1988)
Offertoire Midnight mass Christmas (1988)
Sortie Midnight mass Christmas (1988)

Pierre Moreau
Two improvisations (audio only)